Saturday, 9 June 2018

Ban list update 07/06/18

Due to the format philosophy and the established rules, we will be banning Najeela, the Blade Blossom

This is a tough choice, but we feel it's correct for the format.

As always, we hope you continue to have fun playing Tiny Leaders, keep testing out those planeswalker commander decks!


Monday, 23 April 2018

Tiny Leaders Format Changes for Dominaria

Hello Wonderful People!

Hope you're all enjoying your matches of Tiny Leaders- and these fun new Dominaria legends we're seeing!  I'm coming to you with a couple of interesting changes- one we're testing and one that's long term.

Wizards introduced a format called "Brawl" and it's very interesting- so interesting we've decided to take a page from their book.  We'll be implementing a rule that changes what type of card you can have as your commander- adding Wizards' idea of having Legendary Planeswalker cards as commanders.  This allows you to play all your favourite Planeswalkers as Tiny Leaders: from Liliana to Tibalt.

The second change is to partner commanders- we've been looking at ways to mitigate the card advantage of starting with two commanders in your command zone.  The solution is elegant and simple "Each player's starting hand size (before mulligans) is 8 minus the number of cards in their command zone".  This means Partner commanders' starting hand size will be 6 as opposed to the normal 7.

Both of these changes start at the full release of Dominaria, when the set becomes legal for Tiny Leaders play.

Have fun, and good luck against my sweet Ashiok deck.

Steven Hamonic