Monday, 2 August 2021

2021 Format Update: Rules Clarification, Ban List Update.

Tiny Leaders has been on hiatus for several years.

This update is not a guarantee that we're back, but more a clarification and ratification of some other groups' testing and notes.

CLARIFICATION- Modal Double Faced Cards and Their Legality in the Format.

Modal Double Faced Cards are a relatively new addition to Magic. They are akin to split cards but do not share Mana Value across both halves of the card, rather they have the Mana Value of the front face; while the back face is considered an alternate casting cost.

For the purposes of Tiny Leaders: Modal Double Faced Cards are only legal IF: the front face and the back face would both independently be legal to play in your deck.  This means that cards like: Rowan, Scholar of SparksValki, God of Lies, and Blex, Vexing Pest are not legal in the format; while Plargg, Dean of Chaos is legal.

BAN LIST UPDATE- Five Colour and Thassa's Oracle.

Since we banned our last card, Najeela, the Blade Blossom, Wizards has printed two more Tiny Leaders playable five-colour legendary creatures: Codie, Vociferous Codex and Sisay, Weatherlight Captain. Following the direction set by the Najeela ban: Codie and Sisay are also banned.

Multiple sources and our own experience has shown that Thassa's Oracle is a very powerful, simple win condition.  Given the deck size and consistency of the card, we are banning Thassa's Oracle at this time.

I hope this update finds you well, stay tuned here for potential updates in the future.  Thank you for your patience.