Sunday, 12 July 2015

Ban List Update 7/13/2015 - Magic Origins

Update--- July 13th 2015

Banlist changes:

Banned: Grindstone

Unbanned: Painter's Servant

Notes- The inclusion of both of these combo pieces is likely too powerful, Painter's Servant is an interesting card to build with and with a less-powerful version of Grindstone being printed in Sphinx's Tutelage, we found this would be a fun way to shake up the format.

Testing is underway on Gaea's Cradle, Day's Undoing (and Timetwister)- and with finished testing on True-Name Nemesis, preliminary results show there is no need for a ban, as the card's power level is well within the acceptable range (<65% game win rate when cast).  Data on True-Name Nemesis' testing will be available when formatting is complete, but I'm going to be pushing more testing rather than data reformatting.