Friday, 23 January 2015

Fate Reforged Release notes.

Tiny Leaders has experienced some changes with the release of Fate Reforged.

Fate Reforged, and all further sets will be legal to play in the Tiny Leaders format upon release- that means you have a week between pre-release and release that you can't play the new set in Tiny Leaders.

We now have access to a Mardu (white, black, red) Leader, and a Jeskai (blue, white, red) Leader.  So we have removed the format exclusive Dega and Patriot placeholders.

We also get another Temur Leader, so that's interesting!

I will note here, these Leaders are untested by our overlords committee, and will be undergoing rigorous tests in the coming months (mostly because we're always excited to play with new toys!), so expect to see an update on the facebook page with some information about them.

We hope you all are as excited as we are to welcome Yasova, Shu Yun and Alesha to our growing ranks- and I for one welcome our new wedge overlords.

Have fun building with our new toys, And Wizards- we're still waiting for that Sultai Leader! (Just kidding, guys, we love you- keep making Magic fun.).

-The Elated Overlords.