Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Trademark and Fair Use agreement

[Updated: 1/28/2015]

Hello everybody, it's come to this- time to become the layman's lawyer and get some of this information to you guys!  This page is your one-stop shop for what you can and can't do in regards to the Tiny Leaders brand- The Trademark statement lets you know we came up with and own the name, and the Fair Use terms give you an outline as to how you should go about making your Tiny Leaders pages and articles.

Tiny Leaders Trademark statement:

"Tiny Leaders" is a trademark of Bramwell Tackaberry and Steven Hamonic 2013-2015.

In layman's terms: we have the exclusive rights to sell and distribute merchandise bearing our trademark, and you can't go claiming you thought up the idea, because that's just not cool.

Fair use terms:

-Attribution/ Misattribution: This is the most important to us, if you're going to be using our brand, please attribute credit where credit is due.  This mostly involves respecting our trademark- please don't claim you came up with the idea- if you need to reference a person or persons, the reference information is as follows:

"Tiny Leaders™:  Twitter: @TinyLeaders; Email:
Format creator- Bramwell Tackaberry. Contact email:
Format lead- Steven Hamonic.  Contact email:
Rules manager- Matthew Turnbull, Level 2 Judge. Contact email:"

-Alteration: Please refrain from changing any information you receive from this blog or the Tiny Leaders facebook page.  When relevant, link directly to the information provided, as changes to it may happen at any time (I.E. Ban list updates are not scheduled, so if you have posted the ban list to your page and it changes, you may cause unnecessary confusion).

-No Fee or E-Commerce activity: This is fairly specific- we don't want you to charge other community members to read your posts about Tiny Leaders.  Advertising on a Tiny Leaders post, or making money for writing about Tiny Leaders is fine, but don't restrict the community's access with a pay-wall or membership fee.

-No Endorsement or Sponsorship: We don't officially endorse any groups or pages aside from the following:,,, and the Official Tiny Leaders Magic: The Gathering Format group on Facebook.  If you make it sound or look like we endorse your page, we will contact you to change that.

-Merchandise Items: We reserve the sole right to merchandise the Tiny Leaders brand.  Please don't infringe on our right, as this is the most likely case in which we will pursue corrective legal action.

-Respect, Integrity, Discipline: Please, respect the community, its members and its contributors.  It's a really important thing to us to continue having one of the nicest communities in the game, so please do your part.

If you choose not to comply with the Fair use terms, we will be very sad and get in contact to try and fix the issue(s).  We don't want to have to pursue legal action, but if we can't come to some agreement, appropriate action will be taken.

We also reserve the right to alter the Fair Use conditions at our discretion, so please check periodically for updates.

Questions? Comments? Ideas?: Email us at or email me directly at  (or try @TinyLeaders or @StevenH_TL on Twitter)